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Welcome to MapleWhiska Graphics®. Everything on this site had been made by yours truely, and everything is free for public use that has a link or code provided (for example, you can use the banners in the banners page, but you cannot use the banner that is at the top of my site). The pre-made graphics on this site are mainly Warriors Series themed though I do all types of graphics.

Services-I can probably do any graphic that you might throw at me, with some limitations. I do not use pictures that aren't available for public use, or pictures that someone could make a profit off of. For example, I do not use pictures off deviantART that are for sale as prints. Because of this sometimes I can't get the best quality of pictures. My special effects are limited as well, but it just depends on what you want. I've only come across a few requests that I couldn't do the desired special effects for.
I also do HTML, for those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically what web pages are made out of, and it can get very complicated. I can made Headers and Footers for you, though I can't do proboards modifier codes, for that you'll have to go sites such as Proboards Support, Studio Zero, or soCal.

How much does it cost?-Currently all of my services are free. If someone were to make an offer on my services I'd glady go for it, however I'm getting some experience through this for now, and besides I so far have only gotten requests from kids wanting to improve their sites rather than companies or entreprenuers wanting to pay me for some work. Once again, if you make an offer to pay me for my services, I'll glady accept.

Copyrights-I put my copyright on everything, it's very small and I would very much appreciate it if you didn't crop it out or take it out of the HTML. If you use any of my icons which are too small for me to put a copyright on, then please just put a link to my site on your forum or my affiliate banner on your forum. You can find codes for my affiliate banner in the footer at the bottom of each page. If you want I can put your site's copyright on the images I create for you which discourages other people from using those images if you don't want them to. If you really want to make sure that no one takes you Clan Signatures that you might request from me, then I suggest that you have me make it an animated banner where it switches between your site's copyright and the Clan text, much like my Clan Signatures on my RPG: ->link<-

Thanks, and enjoy the site :)